Joomla! Search Engine Optimization

Publication Date: July 2012 | ISBN: 1849518769 | ISBN-13: 1849518769 | Paperback : 116 pages | Author : Ric Shreves | Language : English

Book Description
Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process and techniques by which you optmize the content and style of your site in order to induce more people to view it.

Joomla! Search Engine Optimization will help you develop and execute an effective search engine optimization strategy for your site. From planning to implementation, the book covers best practices in contemporary SEO.

In Joomla! Search Engine Optimization you will learn how to develop a dynamic and productive SEO campaign. Covering both the basics of campaign development as well as the daily work it takes to maintain your SEO competitiveness, this book will show you how to produce a distinct and appropriate strategy for your particular site. In particular you will learn key phrase selection and competitor analysis and the correct groundwork for your dynamic SEO campaign.

Joomla! Search Engine Optimization will then show you, by finding the right combination of extensions, how to supercharge your site. You will also be given a guided tour of key SEO services, like Google and Bing Webmaster, in order to implement a progressive and effective link building campaign. You will then learn key expert tips and tricks to enable you to build SEO-effective content which will take your site from invisible to unmissable with little effort.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization, introduces the key concepts
behind search engine optimization, including an explanation of how search engines
look at websites and a glossary of terms in common usage in the SEO world.

Chapter 2, Configuring Joomla!'s SEO Options, focuses on how to configure Joomla!
to achieve optimal SEO advantage. Each of the default SEO features is discussed at
length as are server configuration issues.

Chapter 3, Useful Extensions to Enhance SEO, reviews the most popular SEO extensions
for the Joomla! CMS, then goes on to show the installation and configuration of a
sample set of free extensions.

Chapter 4, Getting Ready for Launch, is concerned with the soft skills behind SEO, that
is, keyword analysis, competitor research, and the development of an SEO keyphrase
strategy for a site.

Chapter 5, Managing SEO on a Live Site, is concerned with what goes on after the site
is launched. The focus is on developing a methodology for continuous improvement,
with a look at content strategies, Social Media Optimization, and link building.

The book will take a hands-on approach to the process involved in configuring a site for SEO. As SEO is an ongoing process – it doesn't stop once the site is built – the book will provide reusable tips and techniques in order to understand what they have to do after the site is live.

Who this book is for
This book is aimed at site builders, webmasters, and site owners. Advanced technical
skills are not required, though the user should be familiar with administering a
Joomla! website, including how to install Extensions. If you are concerned with how
your Joomla! site ranks on the search engines or with generating traffic for your
site, then you will find this book to be of use. The text presumes no existing special
knowledge. Basic concepts are explained, as is the thinking behind the approach
advocated in this book.

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