Introduction To PHP Programming For Beginners

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PHP is a web programming language on the server side that very popular. PHP is widely used by programmers to build a web-based application. PHP is also popular among the hosting provider where PHP is always included in the package of facilities provided by the web hosting service providers. Some Content Management System (CMS) which is quite popular among webmasters and bloggers such as Wordpress and Joomla! developed using PHP programming language. Currently, has been developed various PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii Framework that allows web programmers to do the coding neater and shorter with maximum results. At this time, PHP still relevant to be learned for beginners who want to engage in web programming.

Choosing PHP Editor For Web Programming

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For a Web Programmer, particularly PHP that is a scripting programming language, text editor's role is extremely important. Because with the help of these tools a web programmer will do the coding to produce their work. In this article, I will discuss about how to choose a good PHP Editor is used to perform the coding. Indeed option text editor for PHP is a lot, but not all of them will be used as a web programmer will focus on the project they are doing rather than spend a lot of time to find and select a text editor. However, choosing PHP Editor is the right thing to do. Here are some important points to consider in choosing PHP Editor.

Apache Document Root In XAMPP

Apache Document Root in XAMPP 
Document Root on Apache web server is the location or directory where to save files that are the source of web application. Files that are stored in the document root directory are files that contains scripts written in web programming language or other file types such as images which these files are the sources used to create web application. Before performing coding using PHP programming language, found the location of the document root is important because in this directory PHP script will be saved with the extension (*.php). Web Server will search the files in the document root when receiving requests from users. It means that the PHP files will only be recognized by the Web server when placed in the document root directory.

XAMPP Installation Step On Windows 7

XAMPP is an application or software that wraps some applications in one package in order to facilitate the process of installing a web server. XAMPP is commonly used by beginners who are practicing web programming or even a web programmer to test web applications on the local server, in this case the XAMPP installed on the local computer or localhost.  The main application that included in a package of XAMPP are Apache Web Server, PHP and Perl as web programming language and MySQL as database management system. In addition to the main application XAMPP also provides the OpenSSL module to handle the traffic data via SSL using https protocol, and phpMyAdmin as MySQL interface that makes easy way to manage the database.

Begin To Understanding About Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Website Version
Mobile Friendly Website is a website that has the features to give the look of a friendly against a user if accessed from mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tab. Friendly can be interpreted as a websites give the appearance that is able to adjust the size of the screen of a mobile device that is used to access the website by the user either presentation of the navigation and layout of the content, so users get the convenience and ease to find every page of a website even though they are accessing it from a mobile device.