Begin To Understanding About Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Website Version
Mobile Friendly Website is a website that has the features to give the look of a friendly against a user if accessed from mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tab. Friendly can be interpreted as a websites give the appearance that is able to adjust the size of the screen of a mobile device that is used to access the website by the user either presentation of the navigation and layout of the content, so users get the convenience and ease to find every page of a website even though they are accessing it from a mobile device.

Why is Mobile Friendly Website Important?

In the time before the era of mobile, people was accessing websites through a web browser on their PC. However with the development of the current mobile device technology allows internet users to explore the site through their mobile phones. This is a serious attention for web developers so that they develop a website that is able to provide comfort and convenience for internet users if their user accessing website through mobile device.The development of mobile devices such as Smartphones and the tab, which features to connect to the internet and was supported by mobile web browsers like Opera Mini, Dolphin Browser HD & Mini and Firefox mobile facilitate users to access the internet wherever they are. However, this facility not yet optimally provide comfort to the user, because there are still many websites that have yet to provide the view for the mobile version. This spurred the web developers or web designers to develop their knowledge and skills to build websites that are friendly to mobile devices.

At April 21, 2015, Google has been launch the new algorithm to adapting the search result in mobile device. The algorithm is Mobilegeddon, which this algorithm is able to detect whether the website provides a friendly interface to mobile devices or not which would then gives impact to search results on mobile devices. It really draws attention to the website owners and bloggers who are effort to present original content on their website and then optimizing their website so that it has a good search results on search engines especially Google. Although Mobilegeddon does not give an impact on general search results or on the PC, but this algorithm giving the bad impact for websites that do not adjust the interface on the mobile version because the website will not get a good position on the search results on mobile devices. Therefore, the owners of a website or blog that is expecting a good position for their website in search results on mobile devices, giving a friendly web interface of mobile devices is the best way. Thus the user or visitor will get the benefits of convenience and comfort in exploring web content as well as gain new experience in using their mobile devices.

How Does Web Developer Make The Mobile Friendly Website?

To address the needs in developing mobile version website, required the presence of a planning including method or strategy that will be used. Developing a mobile version of the website is not to eliminate the main view websites that are accessed using your computer or PC, but adding new features in terms of being able to customize the display on mobile devices. At this session will be discussed briefly about two methods that can be used to start planning in the development of mobile friendly websites.

1. Detecting the device used
This will detect the devices that are used to access the web site, if the mobile device is used, it will be redirected to a template or theme for the mobile version. If the PC'S device used was then directed to the main themes for the browser on your PC or computer. That means we prepare two versions of the theme of the website i.e. mobile and PC version. As an example of a website that has a PC version and mobile versions is facebook, when we are accessing facebook, we will type the url as or on the address bar of a web browser. But when we are accessing facebook from mobile devices we will be automatically redirected to the url: which is a mobile version of facebook.

2. Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design is a technique of layout design that is implemented in a theme or template that is able to detect and adjust the size of the screen. This way there is no need to detect the type of device used, but define the display to adjust the size of the screen on a device. This means that Responsive Web Design refers to the ability of website template to adjust the appearance with the screen size of the device. In this case usually involves CSS Media Queries to adapt the display to the screen of the device.

In this section only discussed briefly about the method of designing websites for mobile devices, the next article will be discussed more in depth about both of these methods.

How To Check Whether a Site Is Mobile Friendly?

To check whether a website is mobile friendly we can use tools Mobile Friendly Test, please visit the following link:
Enter a web page url then click ANALYZE, wait for a moment until this tools finish the process. If web page is mobile friendly this tools will display a message "Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.". Note the following illustrations:

Mobile Friendly Test