Create Web Thumbnail and Screenshot using PHP

In this post will discuss how to create a web screenshots or web thumbnail using a simple php. Web-screenshot or Web thumbnail is an image of a web presence that is the result of capture. So how do we capture a web page using PHP? We can use the class Web Thumbnail from This class was created by Lukasz Cepowski, thank him for the class, we can capture a screenshot of a page. This service supports the Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera browsers.

The first step you need to download webthumbnail.php file from After you successfully downloaded the file, the following example script to display screenshot result to the browser:
require_once "webthumbnail.php";
$thumb = new Webthumbnail("");
This script will display the results captured from site when executed, you need to note is that you must put the file webthumbnail.php to the same directory with this script file. Display results capture would look like the following picture:

Screenshot Result
For the second example, we can combine the form with Web Thumbnails script so that the user can provide input the web page URI which will captured. You can download the script Web Thumbnails combined with HTML form by clicking the link below:

After you download the script then extract the file to your server, and if the script is run the display looks like the image below:
Web Thumbnail Using Input
Thus Web Thumbnails using php, thanks to Lukasz Cepowski and