jQuery Plugin Development Beginner's Guide

Publisher: P a c k t Publishing 2010 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 1849512248 | PDF | 12 MB

jQuery Plugin Development Beginner's Guide is a useful guide book to serve as a handle for web developers or anyone who wants to have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of jQuery plugins. This book will show off about how to understand and utilize the role of jQuery on the website. jQuery is a JavaScript library that enables programmers to build interactive web without the need to add an event or property on the web document. Some convenience offered by jQuery are: easy access to the HTML elements, the ability to manipulate HTML and CSS elements, event handling, effects and animation, and simplify the javascript code and save programmer's time. You can imagine if you must create a function from scratch to create effects and animations on every page and we have to create a function for each event, how long it takes to do that? jQuery is present to provide a solution on this issue.
However, in order to optimally utilize jQuery, required a deep knowledge of jQuery. With this guide, you will be guided to build the plugin itself from the beginning to the extent you can explore and exploit jQuery at various design goals of dynamic web applications.

You will learn how to develop different kinds of add-ons, ranging from plugins media such as slideshows, video and audio controls, and so on to various utilities including image pre-loading and handling of cookies as well as using and applying jQuery effects and animations like sliding, fading, animations the combined to finally show how all of this plugin can be combined and gave birth to a new script, more complex, and versatile which is very useful in many situations.

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