The Guide to Social Media Images for Business: How to Produce Photos, Pictures, Infographics, Memes, and Presentations That Inspire and Sell

The Guide to Social Media Images for Business
Author: Andrew Macarthy
Social Media is now experiencing rapid development, social media is a site that allows us to connect with friends or relatives through sharing photos, videos or other information. Social media became popular as Facebook and Twitter are becoming known by among internet users, so social media and the internet became inseparable. Even at this time of social media users can access through the gadgets and smartphones that allows users to connect wherever they are.

Social media also plays an important role in the development of business, because social media facilitate the businessmen in advertising their products or services with a relatively lower cost.

But in running a business through social media there are things that need to be considered, primarily images.
The emergence of social media-based images such as Instagram and Pinterest are not without reason. In addition to creating an interesting social media content, images also convey the message you want to say by social media users with to-the-point. This is the main reason an image play an important role in the move in social media.

If you have a product or service that you have to offer to a lot of people but not utilizing social media as a means to build a business network or you are not utilizing social media optimally and you feel you need a guide to work better with social media, "The Guide to Social media images for Business: How to Produce Photos, Pictures, Infographics, Memes, and Presentations that Inspire and Sell" is a book that will guide you to optimize images for social media.

What will you learn from this book:
  • Why  Quality Images  So Crucial to Brands on Social Media
  • 4 Ways to Prepare Your Brand to Create Stunning Social Media Images
  • The 10 Key Principles of Successful Social Media Image
  • 5 Ways to Brand Your Images on Social Media
  • Photos on Social Media: How to Snap Super Shots Every Time
  • 7 Types of Photographs that Your Social Media Fans Will Love
  • 10 Places to Find Totally Free, High Quality Photos to Use on Social Media
  • Graphics on Social Media: Ideas Your Audience Will Love
  • 5 Easy Ways to Create Irresistible Photos and  Graphics for Social Media
  • Infographics on Social Media: How to Create Irresistible Visualisations for Ideas and Data          
  • 4 Easy and Free Ways to Create Infographics for Social Media
  • Animated GIFs on Social Media: Best Practices and Strategies for Success
  • 4 Easy Ways to Find And Create Animated GIFS For Social Media
  • Memes on Social Media: Best Practices and Strategies for Success
  • 2 Quick and Easy Ways to Create Memes for Social Media
  • Presentations on Social Media: Best Practices and Strategies for Success
  • 7 Ways to Build and Optimize Presentations for Social Media
  • Statistics, Case Studies, and Best Practices for Images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+
  • Legal Considerations for Using Images on Social Media
Ready to Kick Start Your Social Media Image Marketing?

Images are the most popular content type on social networks, both for posting and sharing. When you consider that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 faster than text and images are the way we all make sense of the world, their importance in social media marketing cannot be understated. Get ahead of the competition and start making the very most of everything that top quality social media images can do for your busines.
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